1. Players MUST be at least 19-years old to play.
  2. Your registered number(s) is/are yours for life.
  3. There is no limit to the amount of numbers you can register for and play.  One toonie per number.
  4. Your number(s) for life will be entered into every lottery, but you can only win if your toonie is played.
  5. Drum Clean-out - Twice a year (January and July) there will be a drum cleanout. Any numbers that are inactive for a period of 6 months prior to the drum cleanout, registrants will be notified and the number removed from the drum.
  6. In the case of the death of a registrant, the number will be void from the database and removed from the drum during the next drum clean-out. Numbers cannot be transferred to another person. In the event that a number is drawn prior to the drum cleanout, we will announce that it is a void number, it will be permanently removed from the drum and membership list and another number will be drawn.
  7. Registered numbers are not to be transferred to another person at any time. If you wish to discontinue, just stop playing your number. After six (6) months of inactivity, your number will be removed from the drum at the next drum clean-out.
  8. Write your number on a sticker (before placing it on the toonie), stick it to your toonie and place it in the RIVER GOLD BOX for your chance to win.
  9. Cut off time to play your number(s) will be the closing time on Wednesday at our box locations (no exceptions).
  10. The River Gold lottery draw will take place every Thursday before 9:00 pm, with a video of the draw being posted.
  11. Draw results will be displayed at participating locations and publicized on Facebook and local media outlets.
  12. If the number drawn was not played then the jackpot is carried over to the next draw for a bigger JACKPOT! Maximum prize will be $99,000. If the maximum prize amount is reached we will continue to draw until there is a winning registered number. The final draw for the license period will not have a carry-over jackpot; we will continue to draw until there is a winner. Notification will be posted a month prior to the final draw for the license period.
  13. To claim a Jackpot price you must present a valid Photo ID with proof of age upon request.
  14. Winners have ninety (90) days from the date of the draw to claim their prize. Prizes not collected within 90 days will be added to the first jackpot following the 90-day period.
  15. All registered numbers are bound by current lottery license rules.
  16. River Gold Community Group reserves the right to make changes upon consultation with Service NL.
  17. JACKPOT Price Payout is as follows:    – 50% Winners Prize   – 50% Supported Organizations Share

Lottery # 19-10140400LT


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