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How to Play

BRING YOUR OWN TOONIE - PLEASE DON'T ASK THE RETAILER FOR CHANGE. If you don't have a toonie, please make a purchase from the retailer to get change.
BRING YOUR OWN TOONIE – PLEASE DON’T ASK THE RETAILER FOR CHANGE. If you don’t have a toonie, please make a purchase from the retailer to get change.

If you’re a new player, you just need to drop in to one of our participating retailers and fill out a registration form which will include your unique player number.  Once you’ve filled out your registration form, tear off the top portion (this is your copy to keep) and  place the bottom of the registration form into the RIVER GOLD BOX along with your toonie.  Your player number remains yours for life unless you request, in writing, to have it retired.  Registering for a player number is FREE!  Want more chances to win?  It’s easy, just register more numbers!  You can register as many numbers as you like!

Now that you have your number, it’s time to play RIVER GOLD!  The cost to play is just a toonie per number, and it couldn’t be easier:

  1. Bring your toonie(s) to a participating retailer and find the RIVER GOLD display.
  2. Take one sticker from the RIVER GOLD display for each toonie you are playing
  3. Write your number VERY CLEARLY on the sticker and place it on your toonie(s)
  4. Put your toonie(s) into the RIVER GOLD BOX

PRO TIP: The draw is not made from the actual toonies, it is made from ALL the registered numbers.  This means if you put the same number on multiple toonies it won’t help your odds.  To increase your odds of winning you must REGISTER and PLAY additional numbers.

Please note that the cut-off time to play is closing time at various participating locations on Wednesday.  All the registered numbers are put into a draw every Thursday at the RBC in Exploits Valley Mall at or before 9pm.  The winner will be contacted by phone and/or email the same night.  The winner will also be announced at the participating locations, on our website, Facebook, local radio stations, and in the next edition of the Grand Falls-Windsor Advertiser.

DON’T DELAY!  If you’re the winner, you only have 90 days to collect your prize!  On the 91st day your prize amount will be added to the current jackpot for someone else to win.

The prize amount is 50% of the total net proceeds, so the more people  participating the bigger the jackpot (make sure you encourage your friends to play!). In the event the winning number isn’t played the jackpot rolls over to the next draw.  If there still isn’t a winner after ten draws numbers will be drawn until there is a winner!

What are you waiting for?!  Head over to one of our participating retailers RIGHT NOW and play River Gold!

Check out the official rules while you’re here…